Oh Wonder – White Blood

Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder haben gestern ihren neuen Song veröffentlicht. ‚White Blood‘ ist das neueste Stück einer Serie an Songs, die das Londoner Duo jeden ersten eines Monats raushaut. Alle Songs werden dann im September das Album bilden. In ‚Technicolour Beat‘ hatte ich mich im März bereits verliebt. ‚White Blood‘ ist ebenfalls wunderschön, eine kleine zerbrechliche Perle von einem Song. Ganz toll!

Auf Ihrer Facebookseite veröffentlichte die Band folgendes Statement zum Song:

„Earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting Steven and Wendi, our fans – and now friends, from the US. They are both remarkable people – generous, warm-hearted and so spirited. Steven is a doctoral student at MIT, and after a voluntary academic scan he discovered a baseball-sized cancerous brain tumour, which was successfully removed after a 10-hour awake brain surgery. We are humbled to have collaborated with Steven on the artwork for our forthcoming single, ‚White Blood‘. The image is a very zoomed-in image of part of his brain tumour, photographed under a microscope by the man himself!

We wrote ‚White Blood‘ to explore the idea of needing immunity from disease, sadness, hopelessness or fear, not only in the physical form of white blood cells, but also with simple human love and support. This song is for you, Steven and Wendi, and for anyone else out there that is dealing with difficult physical or mental health circumstances. We are all here for each other.“

Oh Wonder: Webseite / Facebook

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